Daddy’s First Look


The “daddy first look” is one of those rare, splendid and utterly wonderful moments, and I wish more people did them.  I see papas with tears streaming down their face at the sight of their baby girl all grown up in a wedding gown, and I’m melted to butter.

Amy’s father made me laugh and cry and grin until my face hurt.  First, Amy’s mom lead him into the room with eyes closed, and when he opened them, his unguarded joy and utter delight were so darling, I wanted to ingest every second of it.  I love every photograph from this scene, so beautifully observed by Amy’s mom on the side.

If I could have my way, every dad and daughter would have a moment like this.  I can only imagine what it’s like to be a father and see your daughter standing in front of you, so beautiful and yet moving to a new part of her life.  Unforgettable and so full of emotion.

Amy & Isaac’s wedding photos from Postlewait’s Country Weddings are here, along with many more from her dad’s darling first look.  Enjoy!


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  • This image cracks me up. Great expressions, great moment, great perspective. One of the keys to being successful at wedding photography is knowing exactly where to be when. You clearly had an intuitive sense to position yourself just where you needed to be to capture this moment. Really well done!