Cumberland Island Weddings

Hannah and Ben's Wedding

Hannah and Ben’s Wedding

One of my favorite destination wedding locations is Cumberland Island, Georgia. It’s the last island in Georgia before you get to Florida. The weather this time of year is always amazing. But what’s really amazing is how intimate and private weddings feel on this tiny sparkling diamond that shines brightly in the ocean. There are no cars and only one “Inn” on the entire 18 mile long stretch of land. The island is only accessible by boat and the the Greyfield Inn only holds less than 30 people. I have shot many weddings there over the years and every one of them is unique. There are at least 3 options for ceremony locations. You can choose the amazing beach, of course. To get to the beach you walk along dirt roads through towering trees and arrive at large dunes. Just beyond the dunes is a white sand beach that is wide and vacant. You have to look hard to find anything other than seashells and your guests! Another option is the ancient oak tree in the front yard of the Inn. And a third option is a tiny old church full of charm and history. But, no matter the specific location, the folks who work on Cumberland are gracious, efficient and help make every wedding there a fantastic, fun time. I am heading out this week to shoot another wedding there on Saturday. Stay tuned for pictures from what will certainly be an amazing day. In the meantime, check out for more pictrues from Cumberland Island weddings.