Creative Wedding Favors

 There are a lot of choices when it comes to giving your guest a little memento from your wedding.  I have seen a variety of tokens, but I had not seen this one done before.  My clients gave everyone a lottery ticket and then supplied pennies with their birthdate on them for additional luck and everyone had a chance to “scratch and win”.  I thought this was a clever way to personalize their favors, but also to evoke a sense of excitement and call to action.  I think everyone loves a game of chance with a possible outcome for a win, especially if the price of admission has been pre paid.  Wedding favors can be just about anything you want them to be.  I have seen printed cards at each table or place setting letting the guest know that in lieu of a favor that a donation has been made to, such and such charity.  I saw another wedding where the guest actually put their place card in one of several choice boxes to let the bride and groom know which charity they wanted to support in their name.  I think this is a brilliant way to give a gift that gives back and is also green in that nothing is wasted in providing something guest may not want or may choose to discard. I have also seen sample one drink bottles provided from somewhere dear to the couple’s heart or perhaps reflective of the location of their wedding or reception.  This gives guest a chance to experience something special to the bride and groom or perhaps something local they may not be familiar with.  Favors can be big or small, but I love when they are personal and take into account the wasteful nature of some novelty favors and choose to be unique and wise.

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