Creating Your Wedding Guestlist

Willamette-Valley-Vinyards_Lindy-&-Michael-1Creating Your Wedding Guestlist

Standing back and looking at the crowd that gathers to take part in your wedding celebration is one of the most special moments on a wedding day. Taking a moment to look out and see the faces that have gathered to wish you well and celebrate with you on your special day can absolutely take your breath away. It is really something special to see your best friend in middle school visiting with a distant relative that would have had no reason in the world to cross paths if not for this event! With venue spaces having a maximum capacity, it is necessary to audit your guestlist to make sure the phases of your life are well represented. Doing this we found to be one of the most difficult tasks of planning a wedding. Ideally, your venue allows for so many people that this is not an issue, but that isn’t always the case. If your parents are fitting the bill for your event, then they may have more influence over your guestlist. Spend time and consider your parents wishes, perhaps inviting a few of their closest friends would be a nice way to show them your appreciation. If you are planning and paying for your wedding out of your own pocket, then you truly have final say over the finalized guestlist but remember that your wedding day is something that your parents have dreamed about for a long time and it will be extremely emotional for them! Juli and I found that as we scrutinized the guestlist over and over that we left out a few people that should have been included and quite frankly, I regret it! As we crunched the numbers down over and over to arrive at the predetermined number of guests we agreed upon, I found it added a lot of stress on us both not to mention the relationship with the friends that were left out. Our advise, take time and be sure of your numbers and be confident with your reasoning for your maximum guest number. It may be influenced by the cost per plate for the catering or the maximum capacity of the venue, either way I would suggest an error on the side of inclusion as opposed to exclusion! In our opinion, there is always room for one more!

This is a photo of Lindy and Michael during their wedding at Willamette Valley Vineyards. A beautiful day and a great list of guests!

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