Create a Timeline with your Photographer

Kristie and Matt share some quiet time just before their wedding at t he Sentinel

Kristie and Matt share some quiet time just before their wedding at the Sentinel

Create a Timeline with your Photographer

This is not a post about first looks. This is not a post about what you should wear or what questions you should ask potential vendors. This is simply a post about using photography to its fullest and allowing it to provide you with, not only irreplaceable images but memories of quiet moments where you could reflect as a couple and share. This is a process that takes a bit of time… but it is worth it! Planning a wedding is crazy stressful but the light at the end of the tunnel shines extremely bright.

Photography on your wedding is not something you should do because it is just, well… what you do on your wedding day. You should do it because photography is an emotional investment into each other. You should do it because the awkwardness you may be feeling will melt away faster than you think it will and the images you will get will be genuine. You will never be as you are right now. You may never put as much into wardrobe, makeup and design as you will for this day. Tell the story of your wedding day with imagery that stands out and captures the designs you created. Move from place to place with your photographer, stopping at the light along the way… maybe even bring some drinks… Invest the time into your imagery and let your photographer think and create!

Here comes the advise… Choose a photographer that you connect with. Spend time looking at their work and speaking with them. If you love their work, ask them what they need to provide that same level of work and creativity to you as a couple… then, if it is important to you… do it! Work with your photographer on your time line and craft it to allow for the moments that are important to you. Encourage your wedding planners to include your photographer on you planning emails… because a photographer who knows their client is empowered, confident and creative!

The above photo is of Kristie and Matt at the Sentinel Hotel. We scurried away to the second floor where all was quiet.


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