What is the Most Common Wedding Day Emotion?

bride awaits first look before skamania lodge ceremony at july wedding
The bows on the programs gingerly tied, the various shades of orange and salmon hand-picked in every centerpiece. The planning, hours and ages over the last months kind of forgotten now. The champagne flutes your own parents used on their wedding day are in the box, waiting for the table. Makeup is on, hairspray set. You’ve dug in your bag and slipped on the outlandish cocktail ring your spunky grandmother left for you, glancing down at it on the one hand and your own little sparkle on the other. Your girls are adorned and heeled. Your pearls are perfectly coiffed around your neck.

In a word? The most common wedding day emotion is anticipation.

I love this photo of Kirsten. It’s about an hour into our wedding coverage at her Skamania Lodge wedding. She’s waiting for us to clear the way so she can walk up the path to see John for the first time on their wedding day. She has no idea I’m taking this photo. And when she saw it, she couldn’t even place where it occurred. Because you just know she’s thinking about so many little things that went into this day, so many things that will happen in the next few hours. She’s anticipating it all.

We like all the emotions of weddings. But we specialize in ferreting out these gems. To see more, click on over to their full Skamania Lodge wedding blog post. There’s quite a few additional emotional moments to peruse.