Come fly with me | Marshall House Wedding

Fort Vancouver Wedding Deyla Huss Photography2014 Deyla Huss Photography Fort Vancouver, The Marshall House

Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away… (I know you were singing it to). You never know what you’ll find laying around over at Fort Vancouver and this couple couldn’t have planned it any better then on the same day as the vintage plane show going on and just ending in fact which led for a good time to ask if we may take a few shots with one of their awesome planes! The groom actually works the airline and has been for a very long time… see what did I tell ya… perfect!

When using special unexpected elements on the grounds of the venue, there are a few things to remember. Take good care of it, which means probably no climbing and laying on this particular piece of machinery, do not move things around that are probably put there for a reason, unless given special permission by the grounds manager or owner of object. Get permission if at all possible, it never hurts to ask and most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Cheers to a happy Friday! Check out more from Deyla Huss Photography