Choreographed First Dance

A choreographed first dance is a wonderful way to kick off the wedding reception.  Guests gather around in anticipation of what is to come and never quite know what will transpire.  Some couples opt for a simple embrace as they work their way around the dance floor.  Others plan something wild and crazy with upbeat music and lights.  Yet others opt for something more elegant like a choreographed first dance.

Jen & Rob impressed their guests with a beautifully choreographed first dance at their wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes this past summer.  Guests were hooting and hollering throughout their dance, celebrating with them as newlyweds tearing up the dance floor.  With dips and twists and turns, their choreographed first dance was a real hit.  The end of the dance was accentuated with a romantic kiss.

To see more dance moves like these and to compile all sorts of great ideas for your own wedding, come check us out at Paul Rich Studio.  We are conveniently located at Portland’s original wedding services collective The Bridal Loft in NE Portland.