Choosing your Wedding Party’s Attire – Groom Style!

Time was when the groom and his groomsmen were instructed to show up in a tux for the wedding day. Well, to pull a switcheroo on an old adage:
“You’ve come a long way, baby!”

Beth and Steevin, self proclaimed Sci-Fi nerds and Comic Con junkies, spent months designing and planning their “Only One in the Universe” wedding from their Save the Date video, to Skittle Infused Vodka bar, to their attire which included inspiration from The Never Ending Story and Dr. Who. The Converse was admittedly one of Steevin’s favorite parts of the Doomsmen’s (Yes, you read that right, their attendants were officially “Bridesbabes” and “Doomsmen.”) attire and he wanted to make sure they were documented. I love this image because it shows both the detail of classic sneaker, and the personalities of the group.

What do you call a female member of the Doomsmen party? Well, A Doomsmam of course. And Mary the Doomsmam ROCKED the wedge heeled All Stars (for a closer look, click over to our Facebook page!)

Pssst…there is an image of the beautiful bride on our Art of Joy Blog.

  • Beth

    I love this shot. The Doomsmen (and mam) look great!