Choosing Your Wedding Officiant

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography--mpp102714aThe person who spends the least time involved with your wedding is also the one person who makes or breaks the ceremony. And, of course, that person is the officiant. The most obvious choice for couples is the priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader they grew up with or know from going to their place of worship as an adult. But I see less and less of that. The trend is for brides and grooms to pick a “freelance” officiant who make their living marrying people or, a friend or relative who either has the ability to marry couples or has gone online and done the paperwork required to make it a legal ceremony. But no matter who you choose, they should reflect your personality and be willing to direct the service the way you want. When Erin and Sean decided to get married, it was clear they needed someone who was enthusiastic, sentimental and funny. Since they both work in the wedding business, they had been to many ceremonies and had the advantage of seeing many of their options in action. They chose Bob Renggli because they knew that he had all the elements they were looking for to join them together. As the ceremony began at The Multnomah Athletic Club, it became obvious they had made the correct decision. Bob filled the room with humor and a clear-eyed vision of the meaning of love and marriage And it was abundantly clear that Bob had taken the time to get to know a little about both Erin and Sean. There was laughter and tears and, as Bob pronounced Erin and Sean husband and wife, there were cheers usually seen at a Blazers game! To see more fun wedding pictures, please check out

  • That’s how it should be! I work hard to learn about the couple, get information about their relationship and family life. It is so important to make it memorable, sentimental and fun! Great article.