How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer MPP120814Are you picking the best venue for your wedding? Besides picking one of the best catering companies in town – Vibrant Table, and one of the best florists, Geranium Lake, Rachel and Mick picked a beautiful location for their wedding. It had everything a photographer and a couple getting married could ask for. Domaine Margelle is a gorgeous winery south of Portland. Not only does it have vineyards and a beautiful view of the surrounding hills, it has an amazing forest right on the property. When you choose your location, it’s important to think about the visual options for your photos. And here are a few additional questions you should keep in mind: Does the look and feel of the venue match our personalities? Does this venue fit the size of the wedding are planning? Is it accessible to all your guests? (If there are older guests who have mobility issues, you might want to make sure they can attend the ceremony). If it is an outdoor venue, will the sun be in the right place at the time of day we are planning to hold the ceremony and, is there an indoor option if the weather turns to rain? And, finally, are there a variety of visual options for portraits after the wedding? There are many beautiful wedding venues to choose from in a near Portland. With a little research and advance planning, choosing the right venue for you can be the key to a successful wedding event! To see more great weddings scenery check out