Cheers! Bubbles and Trust

Bubbly Rings  © juliana patrick photography Juliana Patrick Photography     503.318.5160

Bubbly Rings © juliana patrick photography
Juliana Patrick Photography 503.318.5160

Cheers! Bubbles and Trust.

Trust your Photographer. When your photographer has a vision and is really excited, chances are that once your see the vision and the images created from it, you will be really excited too! We love the relationships we have with our couples. I know they trust us 100% to capture and provide awesome imagery that recounts the moments of their most important days. We respect our couples feelings, boundaries and comfort levels. They know that if we ask them to take a risk or expand their boundaries, that they will be safe and we will take good care of them. This trust is essential for us to have the creative freedom to be able to craft compelling imagery that tells stories. Whether it be soaking the rings in champagne, climbing trees, or scaling a rock wall together, it wouldn’t be possible without trust.

So how do you find a photographer you trust? It is important that you do your research for your photographer. Hire a professional. Ask friends – honest referrals are gold. Find photographers that you trust as a people, trust as a business owners and also ones that you love their photography style and energy. Take time to get to know each other and be open to share who you really are.  Have fun with a portrait or engagement session and get comfortable in front of the lens. Honesty is key!

This image is from one of our favorite weddings at the incredible Zenith Vineyard. Just moments after they said their I Do’s, I borrowed their rings while Ryan was capturing their Certificate Signing.  What says celebrate more that new rings in a little bubbly?

If you would like to work with photographers you can trust and have fun with, give us a call!  We would love to meet you and have photo adventures with you! Cheers! Juliana + Ryan juliana patrick photography