Chapter 1: Getting Ready

Adam prepares for his big day at Sunriver Resorts © juliana patrick photography

Adam prepares to see his bride on their wedding day at Sunriver Resorts
© juliana patrick photography

Chapter 1: Getting Ready

This is your story.  The story of your life and love on the day of your wedding. Like a good book, so much can be told of your story in the first chapter of the day, and typically that story begins with getting ready. What is the scene? Who are the key players? What tone will be set?

When we tell stories for clients, we love it when they include complete photo coverage including the getting ready stages of the day. We are visual story tellers and the more information we can capture on the day, the more complete and satisfying your story will be when sharing your timeless album with your grandchildren decades later. Details are important. Your environment is important. Who you chose to surround yourself with and how you choose to celebrate is unique to you and your authentic story. Not only are you able to express your personal style, the relationships of those who surround you will certainly set the tone for the day. If you are relaxed and having a good time, no doubt that energy will be carried throughout your day.  So no matter what your style, this is your story.  Savor each step of the day.

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