Celebrate with a Cigar

JamesDad&BrotherCelebrate with a cigar!

We truly enjoy photographing weddings. Each is unique. Each has a similar storyline with completely different emotional expressions. Some families well up with emotion and let tears fly all over the place while others couldn’t imagine tearing up in front of a crowd. It is those individual family personalities that make each wedding day so interesting. A wedding is a celebration (of course it is) and how a family reacts to a celebration is created over generations. With the various forms of celebrations that exist, the most common and enjoyed is the classic cigar! It seems to be true for the groom’s side of the wedding… it really hasn’t seemed to have taken hold among the bride and bridesmaids. Standing with the important men in your life and enjoying a cigar is a statement!

This image was captured at Bridal Veil Lakes of James, his father and brother. The sun was setting, filtering golden light through the green trees… as a photographer, this light is more than exciting, it is energizing! What I remember most of this moment, was how the three of them stood together and just talked. It was the presentation of the cigars that allowed them to spend quiet time together and celebrate!

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