Bringing your Dog to your Engagement Session

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Washington Park Engagement Portraits by Deyla Huss Photography

Do you want to bring your dog to your engagement session? Why not! we love it! Here are a few tips to make sure it is a successful shoot:

-Make sure the location you choose for your engagement portraits is a dog friendly place, if you are unsure, ask your photographer if they know or check out the location’s website if they have one.  If you want to be able to let your dog off the leash, there are a couple gorgeous dog-friendly locations that are places just for that as well!

-Plan when he will be in the photos with you, depending on the dog, he may be very excited and want to just jump on you (or me)! arriving at the location early to have lots of play time and walk-time for your pup before your session, is a sure way to settle them down a bit, getting use to their surroundings.

-Bring water and treats (And a poop bag)! this is crucial if you think your pup will need it to help keep him calm. Water is also important for before and after if its a hot day. And of course the poop bags for… well you know.

-If the weather is a cooler day, and you feel comfortable leaving him in the car after photos for about a half hour, then great! If its a warm day out, I always recommend bringing a longer leash to hook it to a tree or fence in a shaded area while we are near getting beautiful shots of the both of you. Another idea, is bring along someone else who can take your pup and “babysit” while we finish up your engagement session.

Let us know if you’d like to chat about your dog-friendly engagement session!

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