Bring on the Funk at McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom

The main reason Jessica and Dexter picked McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom for their wedding was because of it’s super-funky and unique vibe. A huge, glorious, historic concert venue with a floating dance floor (it bounces!), the Crystal Ballroom is eclectic and edgy and full of personality. Jessica worked in the wedding industry as well, so she’d seen her share of wedding venues and wanted something unique that suited her and Dexter’s personalities. We wanted to capture a bit of this funky vibe for the bride and groom’s posed portraits, so when we saw this painting serendipitously placed above an old wooden bench in a space we passed through, we couldn’t resist making an image here. It turned out to be one of my favorites from their wedding day.

You can see more images of the Crystal Ballroom transformed for Jessica and Dexter’s wedding on my blog.

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer