The Bride with the Wind in Her Hair


There can be such a huge amount of pressure put on brides to have every hair in place, to get out of the wind, to look absolutely perfect–and while this is perfection for some, I prefer the alternative.  Get a little, or a lot, windblown.  Go to places where the grass waves in the wind, your veil blows around your head, your hair goes off in romantic waves.

My own wedding day, we had wind gusts over 20mph with a constant hum of bluster.  My hair ended up in a big Oregon frizz mess by the end of the day, but I love my pictures.  They’re so very me: windblown, wild, full of life.  I can’t wait to look back when I’m older and smile.

This is Ashley on our beautiful tour of the Columbia River Gorge, so beautiful as the wind picks up her veil and dress, turning her into a modern-day fairy princess.  I hope her children look back at this photo and realize how absolutely awesome their mother is–fearless in the wind, beautiful, timeless.


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