The Bride, The Groom, The Dog

Wedding_Silhouette_DogMany a happy mother and father has inherited grandpuppies because of a wedding.  I love it when we can integrate our canine children into our celebrations–they’re such a huge part of our lives, and should be able to participate in the festivities.

This is Sarah, Brendan and Garmin.  Garmin is from Belize, a street dog who adopted them while they were on vacation.  They loved him so much and spent a ton of time with them.  Later, Sarah saw his picture pop up on a Belize dog rescue site, and she thankfully found a way to get him back to the States.  He’s darling and spoiled and adorable.  I love this photo of them, on a gorgeous evening out in the Columbia River Gorge, the sunset blazing behind them.


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