A Tender Moment At Bridal Veil Lakes

Bridal Veil Lakes Wedding

A tender mother son moment at a Bridal Veil Lakes wedding

I met Corey at a Sayulita wedding I photographed where he was a groomsman. We hit it off and couple years later, he called me to give me the good news that he found the love of his life. The wedding day we toured around many waterfalls, and got some killer shots especially at Latourell waterfalls! The wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes was beautiful. Bridal Veil Lakes is a very unique, close to Portland but a world away kind of a location.

Their son Ravi was also a big part of the wedding. I love this moment at the mother-son dance – but not your usual mother son dance! And my favorite part is that Corey is watching them while they are dancing.

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