Breaking the ice during your ceremony…

Wedding Ceremony games Deyla Huss Photography

Wedding at the Edgefield photo by Deyla Huss Photography

This lovely Edgefield Wedding coordinated by Events by Lisa Marie was very unique in so many ways, they tailored each detail to fit them to a perfect T! ONe of the most creative moments at the wedding was a “breaking the ice” game during the ceremony. Now some of you may be going “WHAT?” but it was quit genius and allowed for some guests to really get to know people they probably wouldn’t have talked to during the wedding. After all the guests sat down before the ceremony actually begun, the officiant spoke to everyone, welcoming them and letting them know they were going to be playing a game. The game in a nutshell went something like this; Each guest had a piece of paper stuck to the bottoms of their chairs with a “character” from a movie such as Lord of the Rings or star trek. Each guest will now have to find their match in the crowd and try and speak the language of each character given? its funny, and guests were having a blast with it! I couldn’t help listening to everyone and laughing myself! It definitely served its purpose and broke the ice!


Deyla Huss Photography