Braving Gusty Winds at Crown Point

When Leslie, Jeff and I went for a meandering drive along the Columbia River Gorge for their engagement session in early autumn, I was particularly excited for our scheduled stop at Crown Point. The views are extraordinary and the stone building that sits atop the point is unique and gorgeous. When we stepped out of the car, however, we found that the winds at Crown Point were so intensely strong that it was all we could do do stand up straight under the force of them. The observation deck was closed because the wind represented such a danger, and so we walked along the lower stone railing at the edge of the parking lot. Most of our time was spent giggling at the ridiculousness of trying to photograph under these conditions, but, with a bit of luck and a whole lot of faking it, we ended up with some awesome keepers.

This photo is one of my favorites – I’m a sucker for capturing that moment just before the lips meet in a kiss – and I love how Leslie’s hair is caught in a romantic, wispy gust. You can meander over to the blog, to see some other lucky moments in the midst of their Columbia Gorge engagement session, as well as an image of what Leslie’s hair really looked like at Crown Point while not being held down!

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer