Boehner Quits and the Pope Visits


Newspaper headlines were overflowing with breaking news on September 26, 2015.  Boehner had announced his resignation and Pope Francis was visiting the US.  Two rather significant moments in the history of the United States.  So it only seemed fitting to incorporate these news stories along with the documentation of Antonia & Jared’s wedding in Boston, MA.

It’s these types of details that really tell the story of the wedding day.  In the years to come, who knows if newspaper print will even exist.  It is quite possible that the modern rendition of this image will be wedding rings set atop a device like an iPad with the news displayed electronically.  The cars that people drive, the type of cell phones they use, the current fashion trends and hair styles of the day – these are all items that stir our memories of what the experience of the day was like.

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