Black and White Engagement Session Romance



Bright colors are always so beautiful! Staring at a color image always makes me feel alive and happy. Color images depict how the world truly is, in real life! Just as it looks to our naked eyes.

There are always great opportunities for when to use black and white photography, though… and we felt like this image needed it. Black and white photographs give off  subdued, emotional feelings; in a way, at least to me, they are a bit like looking into an old movie reel. Classic and timeless. We are particularly big fans of high contrast, sharp black and whites, where there isn’t much room for the color grey. How about you?

I’d say that around 35% of our full-set of wedding images, to any couple, is in black and white, while the rest remains colorful. The images that we choose to turn black and white, are actually planned to be so, right as we shoot! We always have a great time challenging ourselves to see the resulting image, AS WE SHOOT it. It gives us the opportunity to see and plan for our results, ahead of time. “Shoot right in camera!” as I like to say  😉

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~ The MoscaStudio Team