Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography  MPP 040615

Lindsay and William had a storybook wedding at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware. And I managed to have storybook timing as Lindsay and her dad started their journey down the aisle. Somehow, in the split second that my shutter was open, a guest seated in the church shot a picture using their flash. I caught the shadow cast by their flash in this exposure. It’s a very rare thing to have happen. My exposure on this photograph was a mere 1/50 of a second. I’m not a statistician but I do know the odds of something like this happening are astronomical. However, once it happened, it made me think about how I could use my own off-camera flash to create more images using shadows. I have applied that technique – learned by accident – to many wedding and corporate shoots since I shot this photo. I’ve been a photographer for a lot of years. I worked for the New York Times for 20 years and I’ve also shot countless numbers of weddings. I approach what I do each day I shoot as both a collection of things I’ve learned over the years and the chance to learn something new. The hope I always have is to approach both life and photography with a keen sense of being present in the moment and an open mind to see with new eyes. And sometimes, I even benefit from a little bit of luck that teach me new tricks. If you like this photo, check out to see what else I’ve learned!