The Best Wedding Advice

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer---MPP121014Once a couple decides to get married and have a wedding, the process of planning what that day is going to look like begins. Among the things that are not in short supply are options, information and advice. Weddings can be held indoors or outdoors. They can be at venues built specifically for weddings or venues that serve other purposes but are transformed for that special day. There are decisions about clothing styles and colors, about food, wine, beer, flowers and music. The list is endless. And, while there are great professionals that can help with every aspect of planning a wedding, sometimes it’s the advice you get on the day of your wedding that rings loudest and stays with you the longest. And that is the advice you get from your “elders” – parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and the like. It’s not the type of advice that informs you about what color your napkins should be or whether your dinner should be buffet style or a more formal sit down type. It’s life advice that comes from those with experience and wisdom. In the moment captured here, Katrina was getting some great and heartfelt advice from her grandmother – the type that brought tears to her eyes. Ian and Katrina had a beautiful wedding at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. While everything was beautiful and the day went as planned, the best advice she got might well have been from those few minutes spent talking with her grandmother. To see more moments built on the shoulders of good advice, check out