Being Shy


While capturing portraits of Stephanie & Donovan at Laurelhurst Park, I asked her son if he could help his mom with her wedding dress. I had a strong suspicion that it might result in some cute photos. While I had envisioned one of those more classic moments of a little one helping a bride on her wedding day, when Stephanie’s son noticed that I was capturing photos he became shy and hid under her dress. Stephanie couldn’t help but laugh and it was at that exact moment that I had the perfect photograph.

Moments like these are truly precious and a reminder of the importance in hiring a professional wedding photographer to document your wedding day. While this was nothing more than a fleeting moment during the wedding day, it is now frozen in time and made available to enjoy for years to come. Stephanie’s son likely doesn’t even remember this moment happening but think about when he looks at this photo in 20 years. Think about the potential for him to show this to his own children when he gets married.

Photography is incredibly powerful. It allows us to look back on the past and relive both the important as well as the off-beat moments that occur throughout life. If your wedding day is important to you, and you wish to have it captured in a way that brings back all the great memories of the day, make sure to hire a wedding photographer who is skilled at their profession.

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