Being Prepared


Being a professional wedding photographer is about being prepared.

The weather forecast leading up to Rachael & Colin’s wedding was partly cloudy with zero chance of rain.  Even the day before the wedding the forecast read zero chance of rain.  The darker clouds in the sky suggested something else that day.  So, when I packed all my gear for the wedding, I made sure to include my favorite clear bubble umbrella.  Not only does it provide cover from the rain, but it also photographs quite nicely as well.

It’s these little tips and tricks of the industry that come with hiring a seasoned professional.  Risking the quality of your wedding photographs seems silly.  Doesn’t it?

As soon as the light sprinkle began, I grabbed my clear umbrella and handed it to Rachael just moments before she saw Colin for the first time on her wedding day.  Keeping her covered was a priority, and I knew that as soon as she saw Colin, the two of them could hide underneath the umbrella and avoid the rain.

I may have gotten wet, but my couple was dry, happy, and looking quite stylish.

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