Before the Crowds

gray-gabels-wedding-jamie-bosworth-photographer Seven years is a long time to wait according to some people… Emily and James have been together that long and it shows in every way. They move like they are a part of each other. We went to the beach a few weeks ago to do some photos and I was struck, then, by their harmony… I guess that’s the only word I can use.

We had a very wet day last Saturday… it really took the guesswork out of the ceremony plans but Gray Gables has a nice hall on the grounds to cover that chance. We built some portrait time into our plans to take advantage of the garden but decided to do some upstairs in the original old house… the light was nice and the space was very private. After this photograph, I let them take some quiet time to themselves before the crush of friends and family.

Plan for the best day and roll with the day you are given… in the end, you are still marrying your best friend.

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