Autumn Wedding Portraits

autumn wedding portraits in rural oregon

Holly first contacted us and let us know they were having a simple wedding in the backyard of family, they were devoting a large chunk of their wedding budget to photography, and they were planning their entire wedding day around light. I was at a photography retreat when I first read the email and thought maybe one of our prank-loving photographer friends was messing with us, because it seemed a bit too good to be true. Intimate weddings on family property, sunset wedding ceremonies and golden hour wedding portraits – these are the things photographers love. Autumn wedding portraits in particular are so spectacular with that almost too-warm glow of light wrapping around the couple entirely.

Well as you might guess, it wasn’t at all a joke. Holly and Stephen are real people. And they’re awesome! They really did plan their day around the light. They played the perfect team with us, driving around rural Forest Grove to make a collection of show-stopping sunset portraits. We did a bit of scouting early in the day and made a few lighting predictions and Stephen and Holly trusted us completely. They collaborated with us to create something wonderful. If you’d like to see few more photos from their day, hop on over to the blog feature on them we just yesterday released.