Authentic Wedding Imagery


Authentic Wedding Imagery comes from authentic moments.  Raw emotion is genuine and powerful.  It is honest.  It is real.  Those are moments that memories are made of.

We were thrilled to photograph Lindy and Michael’s beautiful wedding.  Of course the grounds of Willamette Valley Vineyards are gorgeous, but what made this wedding truly stunning was the energy that Lindy and Michael shared with each other and with their family & friends.  Their love was evident in every glance, touch and smile.  Never were they concerned about where the camera was or how they thought they should appear.  They were fully present to experience each moment.  Their focus was on each other and on their honored guests.  Here is a moment with Lindy and Michael shortly after their ceremony.  Pure expressions of love and newlywed excitement.  They granted us artistic freedom and placed their full trust in us to capture their day which allowed us freedom to create.  These are very important factors in having honest, imagery that truly expresses you, your emotions, your relationships.  #1 – Be yourself.  #2 – Trust your photographers.  Genuine moments don’t stem from trying to recreate something you saw on Pinterest.  Instead, we suggest that you allow yourselves to trust the love in your heart and fearlessly share your emotions.  Be present and enjoy the moments of your day. Each time we hear our couples say that they feel like they are reliving their wedding day when they see their images, we smile because we know we have successfully achieved our goal.

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