An Unrehearsed Moment

Some of the best moments happen when you least expect them. Miriam and Ben had one of those right after their rehearsal. Weddings have some predictable “moments”, like the first kiss, the first dance and walking up and down the aisle, to name a few. However, emotions aren’t predictable and the split second when the bride catches the eye of the groom and they share a knowing glance can, and often does, happen randomly. That’s why, as a photographer covering a wedding, it’s essential to stay as aware and grounded as possible. Weddings are filled with things that can yank your attention from one side of the room to the other. However, if the photographer is calm and focused (no pun intended!) then those telling glances and unspoken shared thoughts between two people who are about to commit their love fully to each other, don’t go unrecorded. It’s captured moments like this that are essential to telling the story of every wedding day. To see more unrehearsed moments, please visit