An Ocean of Love!

Portland_Oregon_Wedding_Photographer - MPP042715AWeddings are about celeberating the love growing between two people and their decision to commit themseleves to each other. That should be the focus of every wedding. Unfortunately, brides and grooms sometimes get lost along the way. They started to get caught up in the details of their day and, while they want it to be perfect, it never is. The only thing to do when something goes not as planned, is to laugh and smile and remember the real reason you are having a wedding. One of my favorite brides from a few years ago understood what was important on here big day and to not sweat the small stuff. Bryan and Jaime were scheduled to have their wedding on the beach. Their fathers had spend the morning digging in the sand to plant the canopy and have the site ready for the ceremony later that afternoon. Unfortunately, they had misread the tide tables and when it came time for the wedding, Jaime walked over the dunes and got her first look at the ceremony site on her way down the “aisle”. What she saw was her bridal party, the officiant and her husband-to-be standing in about 6-8 inches of fresh ocean water. Showing her true character, she smiled, chuckled and joined those already getting their feet wet. The ceremony went off without a hitch and Jaime and Bryan live a happy life with two beautiful children. Their day could have been spoiled. Not by the water, as it was going to do what it did, but by their attitudes. Because they both understood they were there to begin their lives together and celebrate the strong love they share to this day, they didn’t let a little water get in the way of the joy they felt at that moment of saying “I do”. To see more celebrations of love, check out