The Wedding Is Only The Beginning

aerie at eagle landing wedding photos
So you probably poured a lot of time into that whole wedding planning thing, amiright? Yeah, I already know I am. The thing is, all that planning will be over one day. And you’ll be married. Because the wedding is only the beginning. Nick and Renee already know this – they’ve already been married a year and had their wedding reception on their one-year anniversary. So they’ve already gone through that year the books say is the hardest. And they’ve already planned the wedding. And now it looks like they’re walking off towards the future together.

There’s a lot of stuff at weddings. A lot of time invested in choices over colors and flowers and linens. Even if you’re a hands off kind of planner, you still had to make decisions about what to eat and drink – or even what NOT to eat and drink. But these are only the first of many, many decisions you’ll make together!

Spend some time together at your wedding. Hold hands. Because this isn’t the most important day of your life. It’s just a start.

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