Adventures in Iceland

Iceland took me by surprise.  I was expecting to love the landscapes, but they quite literally took my breath away and crept into the deepest parts of my soul.  The rough, craggy coastlines were my favorite–I felt my Scandinavian blood happily responding to the black sand, high cliffs, booming waves, snow and ice.  Few places in the world have felt so friendly, home-like, and yet utterly wild to me.

While driving down the rustic highway toward a beautiful black-painted, perfect-for-weddings church, I spotted the towers of this rock castle in the distance.  The next morning, Sarah and I ran back along the moss and cliffs, dress and veil in-hand, and this is what we made.  The birds obliged us with a few cameos as they whirled above us in the wind.

I’m reminded of wild princesses, castles, and ancient things.  It barely felt real to be there, lost without a sense of placement in time.