Have an Adventure


Engagement sessions, much like the engagement itself, should be an adventure. Exploring a mountainside with your future spouse and new pup or combing the beach and running down dunes lends itself to much more exciting, and real photos than your average venue or photo studio. It also helps you forget you’re getting your picture taken. When you’re in a studio posing between camera and background, there isn’t much else to think about other than the lens in front of you, lights surrounding you, and how your arm is falling asleep from the stiff position you’ve been in for ten minutes.

When you’re on an adventure with your significant other, it gives you the opportunity to breathe, laugh, and let loose. You are not confined by rooms or backdrops, lights or cheesy poses. You can enjoy a beachy sunset, mountaintop evening, or an afternoon waterfall, all while getting extraordinary photos for your engagement. For those who love the outdoors, an adventurous engagement session is the perfect way to get natural, relaxed, and gorgeous photos.

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