About Us

About Us

Experience. It’s crucial. In the world of wedding photography, experience can have a multitude of meanings and appear many different ways. It is in the confidence that comes when the camera is an extension of the photographer’s eye. It provides the ability to anticipate a moment that will pass in a mere flash. Experience is the wisdom to seek what is meaningful and the ability to create an emotional connection. These reasons and more are why you should trust an experienced photographer with your wedding images.

You’ve discovered an uncommon collaboration of Portland, Oregon Wedding Photographers. We are artists and studios practicing alone, but together, we are colleagues and supporters of one another’s craft. We have joined together to show our work, help you explore our talents, and perhaps reveal your perfect match.

What unites us is the spirit of being our best, and the desire to uphold the high standards we believe in. Each member is approved by the group as a whole and recognized as a professional whose reputation is outstanding and whose work we know and recommend.

Enjoy this blog as a way to learn about us through our images and to help you in finding the perfect photographer for your wedding!

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