A Tradition Within A Tradition

Although all weddings are about a couple turning their love into commitment, each one has it’s unique traditions. And, for a photographer, it’s important to understand the various rituals that will be performed during each wedding and reception. There are two reasons it matters for a photographer to educate him/herself about what’s important to the couple. The first is that some rituals may require special gear or for the photographer to be in a particular spot in anticipation of the coming ritual. But more crucial is that in order to tell an accurate story of what happens on any given wedding day, the photographer must understand how each tradition fits into the way the wedding unfolds and be ready to capture those moments visually. At this wedding at The Overlook House in Portland, Oregon, the brides father was the Rabbi who performed her ceremony. He comes from a long line of Rabbis dating back centuries. The tradition of lifting the bride and groom in chairs before the first dance also goes back centuries and is an important part of the Jewish wedding tradition. Why is it important? I don’t know, but it’s a tradition! To see more traditions captured to help tell wedding stories, check out