A Swinging Good Time

A Swinging Good Time at Bridal Veil Lakes ©juliana patrick photography

A Swinging Good Time at Bridal Veil Lakes © juliana patrick photography

The site of this awesome swing is one of our favorite places.  So favorite in fact, we got married there! 🙂  Bridal Veil Lakes has swings with large wooden bases that provide a swinging good time for anyone who jumps on and is a major draw for guests, both old and young alike.

Speaking of young guests, we always love it when kids are not only invited to, but involved in wedding celebrations.  Sometimes couples are faced with the question while planning their wedding if they will allow kids or not.  To be honest, while I understand that some late evening or elegant affairs are not best suited for children, there is always something missing without the energy that comes only from a child.   Let kids be kids and let them enjoy and be involved in the celebration. Their joy, sense of wonder and excitement always add to the life of a party.  This is Josh, son of the groom and an excellent ring bearer we will never forget.

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