A Stormy Day Still Makes for a Beautiful Wedding at Mt Hood B&B!

What do you do when the weather turns for the worst and your wedding (that was to be outside) must be moved? YOU HAVE A GORGEOUS WEDDING INDOORS! 😉

Sharon and Matt’s wedding fell on that one crazy September weekend when typhoon remnants made it to the Pacific Northwest. Their wedding was to be all outdoors and with the beautiful and majestic views of Mt Hood at Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast. It turns out that their day was filled with torrential rains and strong winds. They has such a great attitude towards the whole thing! They took it in stride and realized that what they had travelled to do on that day was to marry one another, no matter what the weather was to be like. Sure enough, we had a beautiful wedding day, indoors, in Mt Hood Bed & Breakfast’s big barn, with great party music and dancing and smiles and love! This moment if from their first dance, with everyone watching in silence as they sway together to their song (and as the winds were howling and banging trees on the rooftop, outside). It was surreal and beautiful and we are SO happy to have been there with them!

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~ The MoscaStudio Team