A Real Wedding Moment

Telling a wedding story in pictures requires stringing together moments that are captured throughout the day. When looked at as a whole, they bring back the emotions as well as the logistics and the feel of the wedding. But each photo must also stand on it’s own as a good, meaningful moment. A good example is this photograph from Amanda and Richard’s wedding. The newly wed couple walked down the aisle after their first kiss and retreated to the brides changing area to have a few moments alone. When they emerged from the room, there to greet them were close friends and family – seeing them for the first time as husband and wife. The happiness and personalities of all those involved are clear. Some celebrate with smiles and laughter and applause, while others – the groom – is comfortable with a handshake. Every time the couple looks at this photo they will remember this moment and the feelings that were running through them. If you want the story of your wedding day told in photos that will help you re-live the many emotional moments of your wedding, pick a wedding photojournalist, a story teller. Set up photos that pretend to capture or imitate moments don’t hold the same memories. Real moments, captured forever, are always better. To see more real moments, check out