A Pet Friendly Wedding

You’re marrying your best friend, so it’s only fitting that you want those closest around you. For many couples, this includes their beloved pets. Now more than ever, couples want to add a touch of their lives and loves into their day so their furry companions are invited to the wedding. Pets can play a part in the ceremony, such as walking with the bride or groom down their aisle, or can stand (or hopefully sit) with the wedding party at the altar. A ring puppy is a charming addition to your procession, or can run down the aisle to greet you after you’re shared your first kiss.

If you choose to include your pet in your wedding, the first order of business is to make sure it’s allowed at your venue. Once you have the okay, decide what role she or he will play – wedding party or honored guest. Make sure your pet has lots of food, water, and exercise before the wedding, make sure you have someone you trust to wrangle or hold on to them, and reward them with a treat. And of course, remember them in your formals session!

If you’re wondering if this sweet pooch walked down the aisle balancing the rings on her nose, the answer is no. She did earn her treats however by posing for the picture, and she attended the wedding with a special corsage on her collar.

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