A Personal Best in the Wedding Cake Hall of Fame

Allie offered Matt a very nice forkful of their sweet little wedding cake… you know, a regular sort of forkful. He got a devilish grin on his face and declined… he told her he wanted a whole piece. Allie cut a slice and carefully balanced it on her fork… Matt kept grinning. None of us expected him to manage it, but he took the whole piece, hands-free, and proceeded to eat it without screwing up! By the time he was finished, the whole crowd was clapping! I love having a front row seat to this stuff… it’s too much fun to watch the moments unfolding. ;0)

If you think this was over the top, check out the history of wedding cakes… there were some very interesting traditions over the years.

Come see more moments from the best seat in the house. ;0)