A Moment to Rest | Seattle Center for Wooden Boats Wedding

Sometimes, with the busyness of the wedding day, the rush to be prepared in time and the craziness of organizing dozens of family members for group portraits, we forget to take a moment to relax… to take it all in, to breathe in and out the moments that are making up our wedding day. So often we find that the wedding photos make up the majority of what we remember from the day, as everything went by in such a blur while we focused on what was about to happen instead of the actual present moment.

Many photographers and wedding planners encourage couples to take a moment to just “be” – to rest and witness and enjoy each other and the bond they just created, before heading back to the festivities of the day. Here, Lisa and Paul take a moment to drink in the view of Seattle’s South Lake Union on their beautiful summer wedding day. Seaplanes coasted over their heads and sailboats eased by, and I hid far away to capture their moment of rest while they took in the view.

You can browse through more of their beautiful waterfront wedding on their blog post.

Mhari Scott Photography | Portland Wedding Photographer