A Late Night Wedding Snack

Jill and Tracy share a midnight snack on their wedding night © juliana patrick photography

Jill and Tracy share a late night snack on their wedding night ©juliana patrick photography
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A late night wedding snack.

Guess what?  Here is a news flash.  You are going to be hungry on your wedding day.  No matter how many tastings you go to and how much planning goes into it, it is a safe bet that you are going to secretly be drooling over what your guests are enjoying while you are whisked from one embrace to the next.  This is where our expert advice and a stellar catering company come in.  Plan ahead and have a late night snack prepared so when you do feel like you finally have a chance to sit down and relax, your food will be hot and delicious.

This is Jill and Tracy on their wedding night sharing a late night snack at Zenith Vineyard.  Jill and Tracy mentioned that they wanted to have a moment and share a glass of champagne and sample some of the food that they had been too busy to eat earlier and Vibrant Table prepared a delightful little late night snack for them.

If you want a suggestion for a stellar catering company, look no further than Vibrant Table Catering & Events.  There is no doubt that their food is always amazing but we were especially impressed with their level of service and the great care they took to guarantee pure satisfaction.  On your wedding day, use all of the tools at your disposal to make sure that you not only get to enjoy the food that you ordered for you event, but you also get a chance to enjoy a little quiet time with the other most important person at the party!!!

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