A Joyous Wedding!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer  MPP070615Weddings are such a happy time. They are the punctuation mark on the first paragraph of a couple’s time together. Unfortunately, sometimes a wedding can be a tense and intimidating time for a bride or groom who generally eschews the spotlight. To stand up before the people you know best – and are the most important in your life – and share intensely private thoughts and feelings is downright scary. But most of the time, the bride and the groom get to the “alter” and see only each other. Eventually, the joy and excitement are visible and, sometimes, even contagious. When Kumari and Louis exchanged their vows, the joy of their wedding and the future their lives together holds, was on clear display. The crowd erupted in laughter with them and the love and support between them and their friends and family could be felt throughout their ceremony. It was a lovely day for a truly joyous wedding. To see more smiles, check out, and laugh a little!