A Hindu Wedding in Portland

Shooting traditional “western style” weddings is always a blast. The weddings are always unique as each couple brings their own individual vision and style to their special day. But shooting weddings that are rooted in another culture – be it Indian or Hindu or any other number of cultures – is especially intriguing. As it was when Annie and Vivek had their traditional Hindu ceremony the day after their “western style” wedding. As a photographer, the challenges of learning the importance and symbolism within each ceremony is often done on the fly. When I’m shooting a western ceremony or one from a culture I’ve photographed in the past, I can usually anticipate what’s likely going to happen next and be ready before it occurs. But when you don’t know what’s coming next, you have to learn to be prepared for anything.

It’s always fun to learn new things and to understand how different cultures view the coming together of two lives into a marriage. Some are centered on the families involved while others focus on the commitment the couple is making before family, friends and the God of their beliefs. But no matter the tradition, my challenge is always the same: get good photographs that tell the story of the day. In order to do that, it’s valuable to know what the essential moments are and when they might occur. I always try to do some research into different ceremonies once I’m hired to capture the day in pictures. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it’s simple up to watching, listening and learning. But, no matter the method, getting great photographs that will last a lifetime is always the bottom line. To see more stories in pictures, check out