A Grand Entrance at Zenith Vineyard

Jill and Tracy in front of hte doors Zenith Vineyard was designed around  © juliana patrick photography Juliana Patrick Photography     503.318.5160

Jill and Tracy in front of the doors Zenith Vineyard was designed around which makes for the perfect grand entrance © juliana patrick photography
Juliana Patrick Photography     503.318.5160

A grand entrance at Zenith Vineyard.

When we have the privileged to work at venues that not only inspire artistic imagination, but also surpass our expectations we want to tell you about it.  Zenith Vineyard is such a place.  In every direction one looks, there is beauty at Zenith.  Not only is the landscape among the vineyard stunning, the entire layout down to every detail has been made with thoughtful consideration.   One design element that stands out is the magnificent wrought iron doors found at the entrance.  While we scoped out Zenith a few days before Jill & Tracy’s recent wedding, we were treated to an awesome tour with Kari Ramey, the delightful owner at Zenith.  Kari told us that the design of the entire event space was designed around those iron doors she had found while traveling.

This image is of Jill & Tracy just before they walked through those doors into their reception full of close family and friends ready to celebrate with them.  No matter how heavy those doors, they couldn’t contain the love and excitement felt for this special pair.  Stay tuned for the sneak peek of Jill and Tracy’s wedding!  If you want to be notified when the images are ready, click here

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