A Bride’s Shoes and other Details!

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer - MPP100515-1When I first began shooting weddings int he early 1990’s, capturing details like the bride’s shoes, rings, flowers, etc, was rarely done. As with all things in life, times and tastes change. Today, sadly, many wedding photographers seem much better at capturing inanimet objects than they do with training their cameras on things that move – like brides, grooms and guests. So maybe it’s not a surprise that, due to my background, I saw a rare opportunity to combine a photo of the bride’s shoes with her 3 month old son at a recent wedding! While this photo isn’t all about the shoes, it is a fun attempt to take a different look at a much photographed subject. And really, that’s what photography is all about. To be able to capture a view of something that no one else saw or thought about, is one of the great joys of my life with a camera. As a photographer, the more I can show you things you didn’t see, the better I’m doing my job. So when you view a portfolio to hire a photographer for your wedding, see how many times you are surprised by what you see. To see more surprises, check out