A Bride and Her Flower Girl

Portland Wedding Photographer  ©Deyla Huss Photography

Sometimes during all the wonderful chaos of a wedding, we tend to forget to breath and take in a moment such as this beautiful one above. We had just finished with the family formals in the church and the bride noticed this little sweet pea sitting in the pew just watching the bride in awe. The lovely bride walks up to her and sits next to her and tells her how much her duties as a flower girl meant to her and that she really appreciated her being part of her day. The look on this little flower girl’s face was priceless as she thought for a moment “WOW I feel really special!”. I loved how this little flower girl’s mother was watching in the back with tears down her face. Such a sweet moment and I was so glad I was there to catch it.

Take a moment…breath… and hug those little ones that were given very important jobs in your wedding. They will remember it always…trust me.

Deyla Huss Photography