A Bend Wedding

Alexandra and William had an amazing wedding in Bend, Oregon. Alexandra got ready at her parents home and headed to the ceremony at the historic St. Francis of Assisi Church in downtown Bend. Once the ceremony was over, a trolly was waiting for them and their wedding party to take them to the reception at the stunning Broken Top Club. Alexandra and William stole one last kiss at the church before they headed to the reception.

The locations couples pick for their wedding – be it for the ceremony or the reception – become important parts of the telling of the story of the day. People often pick places that are important to them – a church since childhood or a reception site where a parent or sibling tied the knot – or places that speak to their sense of design and style. While it’s obvious it’s important to get great photos from all the “must have” moments at a wedding – the first kiss, first dance, etc, – it’s not so obvious that it’s possible to work the scenics of the day into the moments that occur. Anytime I can set the scene with a fun or poignent moment it’s a better picture than just a picture of the physical place. It’s something I weave into the fabric of every wedding I shoot. Please visit my website,, to see more moments that help tell the complete story of the day.